Global Telecommunications Assurance, Testing and Monitoring

Experience calls as your customers do, from any USA or Canadian state or from over 80 countries worldwide. Proactively diagnose, escalate and resolve issues, before they become noticeable problems.

Global Tele-communications Assurance, Monitoring & Testing

Are you looking to ensure that your business stays connected with your customers at all times?

Look no further than Voice Assure, the telecommunications assurance platform that helps you test and monitor your inbound and outbound call paths.

With a global network replicating call flows from multiple providers and locations that matter to your business, you can be confident in your connection with your customers. And with the ability to customize the frequency and timing of your testing you can be sure to catch any issues as soon as they arise.

Voice Assure automates calls to verify call connection, voice quality, latency, and other important aspects of call performance. If any issues are detected, you’ll receive automatic notifications so that you can address them promptly. And with powerful reporting and analysis features, you are one step from improving your service and your customer experience.

Don’t let poor call quality or connection issues stand in the way of your business’ success. Trust Voice Assure to help you get the most out of your carrier partnerships and provide your customers with an enhanced experience.

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Our Products

Software for Medium and Large Organizations



Always-on, automated call testing for enterprises with a global footprint.

In-country server presence, to exactly and authentically replicate the call experience.

Test any type of phone number, no matter whether it’s charged at local, national, international or toll-free rates.

Get the complete picture of your customer experience worldwide, with always-on, automated testing.

Get a clear understanding of where you stand, against our benchmark indicators and historical data.

Integrate all your other telecommunications systems with ours, quickly and easily with our accessible API.

Immediately recognise and understand issues, so you can quickly escalate and fix them.



Always-on, automated call testing for USA and Canadian based enterprises.

We’ve physical servers in place to faithfully reproduce the call experience from key locations.

Assess all the key components that affect customer experience and brand perception.

Make sure your touch tone (DTMF) and caller line identification (CLI) presentations are working correctly.

Integrate all your other telecommunications systems with ours, quickly and easily with our accessible API.

Immediately recognize and understand issues, so you can quickly escalate and fix them.



On-demand global call testing for medium sized enterprises.

Originate a call from over 80 countries and multiple key locations in the USA and Canada, for an exact replication of your customers’ experience.

Get an immediate understanding of the current customer experience, to tackle issues head on.

Understand exactly what the call quality issues are, so you can quickly and easily fix them.

Measure & Test What Matters

Cloud-based platform with no installation required

Connection Test

The test dials your numbers from an in-country server and detects when the call is answered, or if there is a connection-related issue.

Voice Quality Test

Enables replication of a customer’s call and generation of objective audio quality scores.

MS Teams Voice Quality Test

Cloud PBX Voice Quality Test

Spearline’s Cloud PBX Voice Quality Test allows you to replicate your target call flow to or from a cloud-PBX provided number. 

Fax Assure

Spearline provides full support for fax communication. Fax Assure is available to all customers & prospects who utilize fax as part of their business telecommunications.

Latency Test

Latency is the time between when you speak, to when the other person hears your voice.

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