Get immediate notification when your application fails a WebRTC test

upRTC allows you to schedule the automatic execution of WebRTC test scripts on your application with test intervals that you choose. In the event of any failure you are notified immediately.


Get immediate notification when your application fails a WebRTC test

upRTC allows you to schedule the automatic execution of WebRTC test scripts on your application with test intervals that you choose. In the event of any failure you are notified immediately.

Does your infrastructure meet the requirements you designed it for from your customers perspective?

Is your WebRTC application working correctly regardless of where your customer accesses it from globally?

Do you know what your user’s WebRTC experience is at key times and days throughout the year?

Are you identifying and resolving issues before your customers experience problems?

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Can you pinpoint issues ahead of your users complaining about them?

WebRTC is affected by many variables. It’s difficult to know how users experience your application. Monitoring your WebRTC application’s infrastructure is essential, but does not help you understand key metrics from your users’ perspective, such as the media quality, etc. While all is fine for you, it could be failing for your customer.

Testing WebRTC applications is a continuous process. Your application can be affected by various issues. If you are not actively testing, you are relying on customers to identify issues. This is bad customer experience, and you can only start troubleshooting once aware of the problem. Resolutions take longer. More users are impacted. Notifications based on application events minimize user impact.


What would you need in a monitoring tool to secure the customer experience?

Active Monitoring – a solution that allows you to schedule a range of automated WebRTC tests. 

Interactive – the ability to test your WebRTC application as a user would – from loading the webpage and logging in, to creating a session and interacting with your application.

Predictable – gives predictable and reliable results allowing you to easily spot when your application does not behave as expected.

Detailed – collection and collation of all WebRTC data for easy viewing, quick troubleshooting and post mortem review.

Discover upRTC, your WebRTC test scheduling tool for active WebRTC monitoring.

upRTC provides all key monitoring requirements and more. This incredible tool allows you to schedule tests to run at intervals you choose.

Because upRTC utilizes real web browsers to interact with your application as a real user would, you gain valuable insights into your user’s experience.

Any deviation from expected behavior is highlighted, helping you find bottlenecks and areas that could cause user issues. All WebRTC test data are available in your upRTC dashboard, where you can view specific results and quickly troubleshoot issues.

upRTC is part of Spearline’s extensive suite of WebRTC test tools. These tools offer a one stop shop for all testing, monitoring and support needs of WebRTC based applications and services.

upRTC is the ideal companion to Spearline’s WebRTC passive monitoring tool, watchRTC.

Developed for you by WebRTC experts, upRTC responds to the needs of applications such as yours, to actively and flexibly monitor a critical application and enhance user experience.

See what others say about how upRTC assisted them:

“testRTC enables us to monitor meeting performance from start to finish, with a focus on media quality. We get the best of everything with this platform.”

Ryan Cartmell
Director, Production System Administration
“testRTC is a key component in Vidyo’s monitoring system. Digging down to the root cause is part of the work culture at Vidyo, and using testRTC we have eyes on the system 24×7 and can investigate issues thoroughly ensuring operational excellence for the benefit of our customers.”

Nahum Cohen
SVP, Service and Operations

upRTC alerts you to issues with your WebRTC infrastructure before it affects your users.

Global Visibility

Testing WebRTC applications effectively requires you to access the application from locations where users are. upRTC enables you to run WebRTC tests from different locations, globally.

Multi User Interface

All WebRTC test results are stored in your online dashboard. Share these with all relevant stakeholders in your oganization, wherever they may be.

Connect with powerful API

Keep all your critical data in one place by connecting upRTC directly to the tools used to monitor your full deployment.

What are the benefits of testing WebRTC Applications with upRTC?

Comprehensive Scheduling

Run tests at any interval from every minute up to once a day.

Complete Synchronization

Synchronize the scenarios you need with probes that communicate with each other.

Simple Integration

Get all upRTC alerts through webhooks for use in any application.

Flexible Scripting

Nightwatch scripting allows you to simulate real user behavior for comprehensive monitoring.

Custom Alerts

Set your own thresholds for any metrics to get the detailed alerting you need.

Worldwide Coverage

Run test probes from where your users are, no matter where they are situated across the globe.

Visual Dashboard

All results are saved and essential metrics displayed visually for quick and easy issue identification.

Discover how Spearline’s upRTC can help you today

  • Get immediate alerts for any general or custom defined issues with your application.


  • Receive detailed information on any failures so you can quickly and easily debug.


  • Discover and fix issues before your customers are affected.


With upRTC you can have all this and more. Setup is completed for your deployment in no time. See how with our obligation free demo.

See upRTC in action. It’s the best way to discover how specialised WebRTC testing can supercharge your monitoring.

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