Voice Assure Realtime Update

Provider Selection

Troubleshoot your global contact numbers using multiple in-country network providers.

Voice Assure Realtime Update

Provider Selection

Troubleshoot your global contact numbers using multiple in-country network providers.

Provider Selection

Voice Assure Realtime now includes Provider Selection which lets you decide which network operators you want to test when calling your in-country phone lines. Our Provider Selection feature puts you in the driving seat, offering alternative routes for each country’s fixed line and mobile carrier network, enhancing your visibility into how your numbers behave across multiple voice providers and geographical locations.

Diagnose and Escalate

Verify service availability

Provider Selection provides an additional layer of number-accessibility verification. You can verify call outcomes and behaviors from various voice providers. By making the results of your tests available to your customer, they know you have taken their issue seriously and have done everything you can for them. Your test results can even assist your customer in resolving the problem with their provider; a bonus your customers will appreciate and a time saving for you!

Faster Issue Resolution

Gain valuable insights

Quickly perform multi-carrier tests through different networks. Provider selection means you can recreate faults in real-time across multiple network providers. If the fault only appears with one network carrier, you can be confident the issue lies with them or somewhere on their call path. If, however, the fault appears across multiple carriers, the issue may be with your network, meaning further investigation is needed.

Full Access to CDR Data and Reporting

Engage with carriers and network providers

Proactively monitor your calls from end to end, and in real-time, testing key metrics like: connectivity, touch tone (DTMF), and impression on audio. Once a call is complete, Voice Assure Realtime bubbles up a complete set of Call Detail Records (CRDs), along with all audio recordings, accessible in exportable format.

How To Use Our New Feature

The new update to Voice Assure Realtime is available to all customers. Once enabled, customers have a variety of options available to them, including:


Choice of mobile or fixed line calls


Choice of over 80 global locations


Choice of Toll, Toll Free, and UIFN/ITFS numbers


Multi-carrier selection

Once the tests are run, the results appear in a new row on your reporting dashboard, detailing carrier selection for each test.  In the event of a failure, the outcome of the test is available to you.

The finish-line

Provider Selection can provide you with an insight into any number of issues that might occur with specific carriers, before your customers’ experience with your service is affected.  

This gives you the means to resolve issues faster and can even offer the metrics to empower your customers to solve their carrier issues themselves. Provider Selection represents complete peace of mind that your numbers are accessible, irrespective of provider, carrier, or location.

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