Continuous WebRTC network testing directly from critical sites and specific customer locations.

probeRTC ensures that important sites always have access to your WebRTC infrastructure and will alert you with full details in the event of issues at any site.


Continuous WebRTC network testing directly from critical sites and specific customer locations.

probeRTC ensures that important sites always have access to your WebRTC infrastructure and will alert you with full details in the event of issues at any site.

Do you have critical sites where any downtime can cause significant customer impact?

Are there locations or sites that have recurring issues while other sites do not?

Are you able to compare network quality for a specific customer locality over time?

Are you struggling to meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements with key customers due to network connectivity and quality concerns?

Your WebRTC infrastructure may be well maintained and operating at peak efficiency, but you can still receive connectivity and quality complaints. Service Level Agreements may be put under pressure and your support team challenged to troubleshoot issues in your customer’s network.

How do you deal with these situations?  You don’t want to aggravate an already frustrated customer by involving them deeply in troubleshooting. Your customer may not have the time or the technical appreciation needed. You need to be careful when suggesting the problem is at the user-end but it is in everyone’s interest to resolve it.

Discover probeRTC, a WebRTC network monitoring tool that continuously monitors the network quality from any location.

probeRTC helps you quickly resolve issues by providing essential WebRTC information about your customer’s network setup. It removes the need for deep customer involvement in troubleshooting. Better still, probeRTC also alerts you of issues as they occur so you can address them before customer impact. With probeRTC, you keep your customers connected and happy.

A powerful tool, probeRTC is very simple to set up. You configure a probe which your users can deploy from a browser (without the need to install anything) or as a continuous monitoring agent installed on a machine situated on site.

Once connected, probeRTC monitors the connection from the specific location. All the data collected is stored in probeRTC’s visual dashboard. Both your support staff and users can easily view results.

probeRTC is part of Spearline’s full suite of specialized solutions dedicated to providing WebRTC testing, monitoring and support for all WebRTC applications.

The world’s leading organisations benefit from using our WebRTC testing tools.

Monitor access to your WebRTC infrastructure directly from your customer’s premises.

Monitor from specific locations

Ensure specific sites are always connected. If an issue arises, receive essential data allowing you to address it quickly.

Full Transparency

Give users access to results so they are aware of the current state of their network. Allow them to see the impact of changes made to their network.

Location Comparisons

Compare application connectivity and network quality from different locations. Discover potential issues in key locations and ensure optimum conditions for your most valued customers.

Why use probeRTC?

Installation Free

No client side installation is required. Configured probes can be run from any browser.

Active Monitoring

Ability to install a fully configured monitoring probe on any machine at the desired location.

Complete Coverage

Monitor connectivity to your WebRTC application from any location, anywhere in the world.

Flexible Monitoring

Configure monitoring probes to run specific tests at any interval or frequency you choose.

Data Sharing

Data gathered by specific probes can be shared in real-time directly with your customers.

Powerful Dashboard

Data is displayed in a visual dashboard allowing for quick and easy troubleshooting.

Probe Comparisons

Compare results of probes run in different locations, highlighting different responses from your deployment.

See probleRTC in action today and discover how easy it is to:

  • Monitor connectivity from any location
  • Effortlessly assist with user specific connection issues
  • Proactively troubleshoot issues as they occur
  • Prevent SLA issues and disputes


Get your first monitoring probe up and running quickly and easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no.

probeRTC can run right inside the browser and collect everything it needs continuously. If you’d rather have it run as a daemon/agent on a machine in the office location in the background then we have an installable application for that as well.


probeRTC has a variety of tests that it is capable of conducting. We can set these tests so that they monitor the specific location against your network infrastructure and WebRTC servers - in most cases, this is what our clients are doing.

Depending on the test conducted by probeRTC, it can be either minor or it can have a negative impact on your network’s performance during the time of the test. This is why you can decide at what frequency to run the tests - running some tests as fast as every 5 minutes and other tests only once a day.


probeRTC enables you per probe to setup a sharing link and send it to specific users. That way, you can give them access to the data collected by the monitoring probes in their locations in real time.

Depends on the number of probes you need.

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