Voice assure realtimeOn-demand testing of your global contact numbers

Your business contact numbers are mission-critical. Issues arise that impact customer communications and customer experience. Test your numbers anytime, anywhere!

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Core BenefitsDialling in realtime, from your customers' locality to enhance your troubleshooting and save time


Test your global contact numbers on-demand

Verify issues with connectivity, quality, IVR routing and DTMF recognition, and capture critical incident data.


Uncover your customers' calling experience

With physical presence in many countries and in US states, ours is the only solution which will replicate your customers’ experience with such large coverage.


Reduce time spent troubleshooting

Fix issues quicker with the benefit of detailed reports, and let your engineers work on more valuable tasks.

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BenefitsVoice Assure Realtime contact number testing ...


CHANGE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCEBring on new services and deploy new technologies to support growth.

Verify your services before and after change activity to ensure your services can meet the demands of your growing business.



MANAGE YOUR NETWORK PARTNERS Perform end-to-end testing globally.

Ensure solid performance of your upstream and last-mile providers with a focus on quality of call delivery.


Realtime Troubleshooting Test your numbers anytime, anywhere!


Test for connection success or failure, which could mean the difference between a delighted customer or a lost customer.

Caller ID

Accurate caller ID information is essential to the customer experience. Check CLI/ANI information is being transmitted across the full call path.

Post Dial Delay

Measure the delay between the start of the call and when it’s answered, accurately, highlighting any quality issues.

Touch Tone

Check if DTMF (touch tones) are failing for your customers and seeing for yourself.

IVR functionality

Once your test call has connected, stay on the line to navigate through your IVR. With real-time communication and 2-way audio you can even stay on the line to talk to an agent.

Performance Benchmarking

Set and achieve quality goals based on historical performance and on benchmarked indicators.

Read more about our test types here

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Spearline's Voice Assure supports outstanding voice communications, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Are you accurately testing your communications network?

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Poor audio quality can have an adverse effect, resulting in inaccurate analytics.


An interview with Global Call Forwarding

An interview with Global Call Forwarding

May 26, 2021

Luke Genoyer & Alain Rodriguez from GCF discuss how important voice quality is to the customer experience.


CEO Update: Global telecoms

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Discussing the benefits of Voice Assure In-Country

Discussing the benefits of Voice Assure In-Country

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Arnie Chencinski

"I now see objective voice quality PESQ scores on every number we test - visibility I didn't have before we started Spearline. "

Arnie Chencinski, Senior Voice Network Engineer Zoom Video Communications

Rosie Scott

"Spearline provides first rate audio quality testing tools that allow us to enhance our customers' experience. I cannot overstate the value of their solutions."

Rosie Scott, PGI Director of Vendor Management - EMEA PGI

Gregor Rennie

"The platform has been exceptional in our ability to drive carrier improvements, customer fault investigations and alerting of any country issues."

Gregor Rennie , EMEA Carrier Account Manager, Intrado

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu

"Spearline gave us better visibility on the quality of our service, and allowed us to detect and solve issues much faster. It contributed to improving call quality and customer satisfaction."

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu, Tech Co-Founder Aircall

Stamatios Papadatos

"Spearline has been a tremendous partner, enabling us to provide more proactive early detection services, associated with international line incidents that enable a more proactive approach to resolving customer line quality issues in various countries throughout the world. "

Stamatios Papadatos, CCS NAO IT Telecom Lead Architect Atos

Helen Scahill

"Spearline monitoring enables us to proactively manage the service availability of our globally dispersed customer contact numbers. In the event of a service interruption, Spearline's alerts notify our regional NOC teams in real time, with call detail records included to expedite the mean time to restore service. "

Helen Scahill, Intel Service Delivery Manager  Intel

Maximilian May

"Since we started working with Spearline we have found them to be a tremendous partner. Undergoing several large migration and restructuring projects for our communication systems, we utilized Spearline’s automated monitoring features to transform from a mostly reactive approach to a proactive one."

Maximilian May, Technical Lead, Telephony TeamViewer

Alain Rodriguez

"Spearline offers a quicker detection of issues and faster turnaround times that require less human resources."

Alain Rodriguez, Technical Support Lead Global Call Forwarding

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