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  • description

    Company Founded

    Spearline Labs is founded in 2003 by two university friends Kevin Buckley and Matthew Lawlor. It is set up to sell software and signs a deal with Mandriva Linux to localise and distribute their software in the Irish and European market.

  • PBX

    Developed an Asterisk-based PBX solution

    In 2006 Spearline Labs develop an Asterix-based PBX solution for SMEs, and innovate solutions such as voice recognition using a geographically distributed solution.

  • numbertest


    First automated telephone number test

    Spearline Labs develops an automated test for telephone numbers to solve a client's needs and start to build this out to test toll and toll-free numbers worldwide, with servers in 15 countries. Partnered with global conferencing company PGi.

  • Coverage


    Launched manual and automated tests as SaaS

    Spearline Labs develops uDial and proDialQuality tests to allow customers to launch their own tests either manually or through scheduled automated tests.

    Servers now in 35 countries worldwide.

  • 24/7


    Customer service 24/7 teams introduced

    With worldwide growth in sales in new markets and increasing innovation in customer solutions, the customer service team grows rapidly. Spearline Labs wins a Deloitte Fast 50 award for fast growing technology companies in Ireland.

    Servers in 42 countries worldwide.

  • jobs

    Major jobs growth announced

    With rapidly expanding markets worldwide, Spearline Labs announce a doubling of their workforce at National Digital Week and a major investment programme with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland. A new office is set up in Romania. 

    Servers now in 54 countries worldwide.

  • description

    Outbound & mobile testing launched

    Spearline Labs became Spearline. We doubled our workforce, and opened an office in India. Outbound, Mobile & an IVR testing solution (incorporating speech recognition) were launched. We won a Deloitte Fast 50 award for the 4th year running.

    We now have servers in 66 countries.

  • description

    Launching our API, Management reports & Certify products

    Our API (Application Programming Interface) will enhance use of our platform. Management reports will tell you where you are against the benchmark in-country & Certify will enable you to have your numbers certified as being best in class. It's going to be an exciting year...

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