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Join us

Here are some of the ways we care about you...
  • Flexi-Time

    As a responsible employer we do our best to help you work as flexibly as your personal circumstances require 

  • Pension

    We provide a company penson plan for our employees and make it as easy as possible for our employees to provide for themselves and their families' futures

  • Fitness/Wellness Classes

    A company that works out together stays together. We have weekly workout sessions as well as yoga and other classes.

  • In House Gym

    We believe the better you feel the better you work. Our 24 hour in-house gym is exclusive to the team.

  • Fuel For Your Fire

    We know that your brilliance has to be fed. So we provide a weekly fruit basket to support your healthy eating.

  • Sports & Social

    All work and no play would make for a dull day. We have a committee dedicated to celebrate the team spirit created here.

  • Subsidised Study

    We believe in continuous growth and lifelong learning for us and for our employees. We want you to continue to grow academically.

  • Initiative Programmes

    Spearline doesn't take your hard work for granted! We have put reward programmes in place to make sure you know you're appreciated.

We're looking for people who are:

  • Great Communicators

    Our goal is to improve global communications so we look for people who are outgoing and excellent communicators

  • Empathic

    In a team environment we need people who are emotionally mature and can empathise with internal and external client problems 

  • Innovators

    Spearline was founded on innovation. We have grown through team members who are inspired to never take no for an answer and to do everything possible to solve our customers' needs on a daily basis

  • Fun

    We Irish have a reputation globally for being easygoing and liking a party. Now we have team members from all over the world we want to make sure that everyone enjoys what they do. It just makes life easier and more enjoyable that way

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