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Carrier testing

  • Spearline will connect to your network via SIP or will install a hardware probe on your server
  • The Spearline server will generate test calls out to any of the Spearline certified countries
  • CLI, DTMF transmission and audio quality will be tested on the call.
  • We can test through multiple routes available to you, enabling us to report on which route is giving you the best quality of service

Carrier testing

Replicate Customer Experience on all end destination services globally

Solve problems faster...

The Spearline automated platform automatically tests all outbound services across all of your national and international carrier interconnects, identifying audio quality issues such as Transcoding, Latency, Clipping and isolating connectivity issues in a matter of seconds including PDD and loss of CLI / ASR. Once Spearline integrates as an outbound monitoring service, our Carrier customers have the ability to automate testing at regular intervals and report on all outbound off Net metrics which previously were not available.


  • Audio Quality


  • Latency

  • PDD




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Carrier Testing

At your fingertips knowledge of what is happening in your communications network globally



Many companies lack visibility on the call legs outside of their network. Today’s vast communications networks, require multiple hops across various different routes globally. When interconnecting with other carriers, companies lose visibility of every carrier interconnect or hop, meaning they also lose visibility of call metrics. The Spearline Platform replicates the outbound customer experience by dialing to our global points of presence. We provide an end-to-end network testing solution for both inbound and outbound calls.

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  • Automated failure alerts
  • Benchmark route performance in each country
  • Hold downstream carriers to their SLAs
  • Benchmark your performance against industry averages

Key Benefits

Measure what matters









Customer Use Case

Establishing an Internal Certification process for using new routes and carriers

The carrier was using a section of live customer calls in order to test out new routes and downstream carriers. E.g new route in UK, take 5% of UK calls and pass through this new route and based on customer feedback and call metrics, they would determine the success or failure of the new route. Testing new routes by using live customer calls was not ideal and where there was issues, had an effect on customer experience. Spearline worked with the carrier to establish an internal certification process for using new routes and carriers. Spearline dialed in country servers through the new route and were able to benchmark the results against the current live call system. Where there was issues/problems identified, Spearline were able to provide the new carrier with detailed call samples which allows them to track and identify the issues in order to help them pass the certification process. 

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