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  • Automated test calls are placed from within the same country as the toll or toll-free number (TFN) being tested
  • Calls are connected to a test audio prompt by enabling an ANI/CLI check or navigating through a hidden IVR option
  • A recorded piece of audio is played during the test call and this piece of audio is measured for quality using an international industry standard measurement scale
  • The result of the test call is reported in the system in real time with automated failure reports generated if required
  • Your audio quality score is benchmarked against millions of similar tests carried out by Spearline
  • The entire test call is recorded for playback at any time

How do you ensure your contact numbers are generating revenue?

Use automated test cycles to test connectivity and audio quality of toll and toll free numbers and detect issues before your customers do

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Use automated test cycles to test connectivity and audio quality of toll and toll free numbers and detect issues before your customers do

Automated testing


Our SaaS cloud-based platform means little to no setup or hardware required

High volumes

Test high volumes of numbers simultaneously

Real time alerts

Proactively reduce the time to resolve issues with real time alerting



In-country test calls generated from over 60 countries

By originating the test call from in-country servers, placed in 64 countries globally, you can replicate what your customer experiences dialling your global contact numbers.


Measure audio quality

Using the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standard, PESQ allows us to remove any ambiguity around reporting and provide a completely objective measurement of audio quality.



View and manage Spearline tests and reports from your existing number management system.


Measure both inbound and outbound calls

Replicate customer experience on both inbound and outbound call environments.


Landline and mobile lines tested

Generate test calls from both PSTN landlines and GSM mobile lines. With more and more customers using mobile phones to call you, it's increasingly important to know whether these calls are connecting.

Put it to use...

How automated number testing could help your business 
  • Don't be the last to know about problems 

    Get to work on fixing issues before your customers even notice, with proactive testing and immediate real-time alerts

  • Reduce the time spent troubleshooting 

    Fix issues quicker with the benefit of detailed reports, and let your engineers work on more valuable tasks

  • Manage your providers and partners

    Benchmark and manage the performance of carriers using our data from millions of tests conducted globally

  • Let your customers see how good you are

    Evidence your quality service to customers, with independent, internationally-recognised measures of audio quality


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