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Spearline has a strong and multifaceted commitment to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies. We continue to regularly evaluate, expand and improve in these areas through new initiatives.

Our values underpin everything we do at Spearline and help to guide our business. This includes being an ethical and responsible employer, a strong partner to businesses around the world and a supportive member of the communities in which we operate. Fundamentally, we believe in providing our customers with exceptional customer service and world-class products. Our staff are at the core of what we do and we strongly encourage them to embody the Spearline values, including ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Work Smart’. The way in which we operate demonstrates to our customers, employees, local communities and shareholders that we do business with the core underpinnings of ESG in mind at all times.

As CEO and Co-founder of Spearline, I am delighted to see what we have accomplished over the past number of years and I look forward to what we will achieve and the many successes on the road ahead.

Kevin Buckley,

CEO & Co-founder, Spearline

Our Purpose

We aim to transform global communications through enabling the best quality conversations and by ensuring global communications networks perform to the highest standards.

  • We are a trusted partner providing high quality services and a world-class SaaS platform.
  • We provide live data and real time alerts to ensure that customers can respond to issues if and when they arise.
  • We enable our customers to provide a better service and customer offering to their client base.
  • Our people are invested in the success of our customers and this is demonstrated through consistently high NPS and CSAT scores.

ESG underpins all of Spearline’s activities globally. It details our approach to protecting the environment, working in a sustainable manner and ensuring strong, positive governance.

The principles of ESG are a key influencing factor regarding how our people work, our culture, the decisions we make and how we grow as a business.

Examples of our ESG Initiatives


  • We fundamentally believe that we have an obligation to future generations to help mitigate the threats to our environment. As such we continually work to adopt and implement best practices for sustainability and the environment.
  • We actively strive to minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint through improvements to our energy efficiency and reducing international travel by leveraging conferencing technologies.
  • We are a cloud-based organization and encourage our employees to participate in office based recycling programs and record keeping in the cloud.
  • We regularly raise awareness internally for environmental sustainability initiatives.


  • We are an equal opportunities employer. We are a diverse and inclusive organization with an open door policy operating at all levels of the business.
  • We offer a wide array of personal development opportunities, as well as a number of additional benefits for our workforce.
  • We recognize that being a good corporate citizen includes caring for the communities in which we operate and investing in them.
  • We operate a number of schemes to ensure active participation within these communities. This includes paid volunteer days, sponsorship of sports clubs and local events. We also regularly contribute to charitable organizations.
  • We partner with our customers to improve the service level they achieve and to improve the experience of their clients.


  • We value good governance as foundational to a high performing organization and as a critical driver of stakeholder confidence.
  • We are committed to strong governance and this is evident in our business policies and practices. These are held to the highest standards by our Board of Executives and all stakeholders within the business.
  • We hold ourselves accountable and aim to conduct business fairly and to express our direction clearly and transparently to our stakeholders.
  • We implement policies, standards, controls and safeguards of information security and these are regularly reviewed, examined and updated.

It is absolutely critical that we adhere to the principles of ESG in order to maximize the positive contributions that Spearline can have on the world around us.

Matthew Lawlor,

CTO & Co-founder, Spearline

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