Spearline Data Protection September release

Spearline Data Protection September release

  • Thursday 06 September 2018


We have made a number of enhancements and updates to our platform that we are excited to share with you:


1. Audit trail allows you to demonstrate the work you have done on your compliance programme to date.  An important aspect is a paper trail that shows the thought process behind how your compliance programme took shape and the reasoning behind any decisions made.

This reflects your commitment to the accountability and transparency principles which are cornerstones of the GDPR.  It also strengthens the position of your organisation should a regulatory audit take place. Significantly, it allows your privacy specialists to track and understand what changes have taken place and when they were implemented, ensuring a clean trail towards compliance.

Under GDPR the Supervisory Authority have the power to audit your business at any point. Our solution provides evidence at your fingertips to demonstrate to your supervisory authority the work you have undertaken to comply with regulation.    

2. Bulk upload functionality allows you to import details from CSV files to quickly and accurately populate the platform with your employee list, vendor list and most importantly, details of all your data mapping activities. This simplifies the integration of your data mapping inventories with minimal effort.

All details of your data process mapping activity can be migrated over and used for continuous compliance meaning that all the work you have already done is easily uploaded to our platform.  Additionally, you can download output from the data mapping module to CSV files for reporting purposes.

3. Organisations with multiple sites our platform supports the management of privacy programmes in complex organisational structures across multiple sites. This means your entire privacy team can log-in and feed into one central platform regardless of where they are located. Reports and metrics can be generated across the entire organisation and dashboards can provide a real-time picture of your data protection status at a glance.   


4. Differentiate between internal and external users. Our platform allows you to generate notifications to relevant staff members or external professionals when tasks and risks are assigned responsibilities, leading to clarity and transparency within the compliance programme.


5. Self assessment regulator roles allows your privacy specialist to determine who the appropriate lead supervisory authority should be and whether a data protection officer or EU representative is needed for your organisation.

The self assessment function allows you to demonstrate to your supervisory authority how you reached each decision as well as recording the conclusion of your determinations. The ability to store details for regulatory roles within the solution enriches your risk and incident management plans supplying you with the details of the relevant personnel at the touch of a button should an incident arise.


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