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Spearline Data Protection Spearline Data Protection

Spearline Data Protection is a GDPR self assessment tool created in conjunction with data protection and legal experts to ensure the optimum support in your GDPR operational and compliance journey.

We developed Spearline Data Protection to simplify and streamline the task of GDPR compliance - our software allows organisations to provide evidence and demonstrate that they are complying with GDPR.

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About Spearline Risk & Compliance

Spearline Risk & Compliance is a global software company based in Ireland delivering solutions for the centralised management of data privacy and GDPR requirements.

Spearline Risk & Compliance is passionate about creating software solutions that are customer centric, prioritising ease of use. Our inhouse fleet of software developers, Operational experts, Corporate Governance professionals, Data Protection Specialists and Legal Counsel are dedicated to keeping our solutions attuned to the latest developments in tech as well as GDPR case law.  

What the Experts say...

The GDPR is big news because it can't be business as usual for any type of company or public sector body after May 2018. If it is business as usual after that point, there will be consequences for companies and organisations, whether they are big or small, public or private, and those consequences will be very significant.

Helen Dixon

Data Protection Commissioner Ireland

Data protection and privacy is an area experiencing unprecedented growth. With the appropriate compliance framework in place, not only will organisations be able to avoid significant fines and reputational damage, they will also be able to show their customers and employees that they are trustworthy and responsible - Head of Privacy and Employment Law, Crowley Solicitors.

Crowley Solicitors

The world of data protection is changing rapidly, with GDPR about to become a game changer. The potential for high fines to be imposed, the reputational risk to an organisation of non-compliance, as well as the growing awareness among the public of their rights as data subjects mean that compliance with the new regime is non-negotiable for all organisations that process personal data. This new tool from Spearline Risk and Compliance will allow businesses of all sizes to both manage and demonstrate their compliance in a straightforward manner.

 Adrienne Harrington

CEO Ludgate Hub and former Head of Data Protection Policy at the Department of the Taoiseach.

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