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Customer Engagement Manager

A Customer Engagement Manager will:

  • Ensure your testing is delivered with flexibility and is adaptable to changing business conditions. 
  • Offer insights based on industry standards and best practices. 
  • Provide monthly reports and analyses to help you to identify issues and trends over time.
  • Troubleshoot issues collaboratively with you to ensure quick resolution.
  • Convey your individual requirements to the Spearline development team, oversee any bespoke developments and their delivery. 

Service Delivery Manager

A Service Delivery Manager will:

  • Manage, monitor and deliver all testing services on your behalf. 
  • Produce regular reports to help identify issues and trends. Deliver recommendations to help resolve the identified problems. 
  • Liaise with your internal and external stakeholders and network carriers in order to flag issues and remedy them. 
  • Actively support your business in achieving its operational KPIs. For example – demonstrate measurable ROI from your testing which can be presented to your key stakeholders. 
  • Provide you with knowledgeable insights based on industry standards and best practices. 

Carrier Engagement Manager

A Carrier Engagement Manager will:

  • Create ticket incidents with your carrier, and work with them to resolve the incident in line with your SLAs. 
  • Utilize extensive testing capabilities to ascertain the extent of the service interruption.
  • Provide you with access to our extensive database of test results, allowing you to identify the most reliable carriers on a per-country basis. 
  • Provide reporting on incidents opened, closed and in-progress with the associated MTRS and MTTR metrics for SLA management purposes. 
  • Apply our audio digital signal processing capabilities to identify the source of the audio degradation and engage with your carriers in identifying the root cause.

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