Spearline research provides insights into 2021 global telecoms performance

Spearline research provides insights into 2021 global telecoms performance

Spearline has today released its latest whitepaper titled “2021 Telecoms Quality of Service Report”, providing vital insights into the global telecommunications industry. The whitepaper highlights how countries perform on connectivity and audio quality and how China and the US compare.

Observations from the whitepaper include the sharp and widespread effect of the pandemic on global telecommunication networks. Spearline looked at the results of test calls placed in each of the 46 countries selected for analysis and this report highlights the poorest and best-performing countries for both connectivity and audio quality. Spearline’s testing data from 2021 revealed that Switzerland is leading the pack in both connectivity and audio quality – ranking 2nd for connectivity and 3rd for audio quality.

The majority of the world’s workforce worked from home in 2021, resulting in a significant increase in the demand for high-quality telecommunications technology. Similarly, over the years, as omnichannel support has become expected, ‘voice’ has repeatedly been pronounced ‘dead’. But, this new research from Spearline has shown that last year, customers relied heavily on the tried and trusted traditional methods of contact.

Offering high-call quality at scale, Spearline enables businesses to understand the customer call experience from 76 countries worldwide, including the USA and Canada. The company has access to billions of data points worldwide, measuring connectivity and the quality of global telecom networks. These data points have positioned the business in a space where no other firm can glean the same amount of qualitative or quantitative information, while tests enable Spearline to derive unique insight into the performance of networks worldwide. Undoubtedly, this latest whitepaper offers valuable insights into global inbound voice trends and country-by-country performance. 

Commenting on the company’s plans to release the whitepaper, Spearline Co-Founder Matthew Lawlor said: 

“We are delighted to announce we will be releasing our 2021 Global telecoms quality of service report whitepaper. We believe it holds invaluable insights into the TELCO industry and can provide a depth of information not currently made available by other companies. As this comes off the back of the acquisition of testRTC and ahead of our attendance at Enterprise Connect, it is a very exciting time for Spearline and we are eager to share our plans for the future. 


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Meet Spearline at Enterprise Connect 2022

Spearline is attending this week’s Enterprise Connect event in Orlando, Florida from March 21st to 24th 2022, where they will release the whitepaper, and will be on hand to discuss the company’s advanced technology, product development and plans for major US expansion.

The company will have a booth (#1205) at the event, and CTO and Co-Founder Matt Lawlor, WebRTC expert Tsahi Levant-Levi and CCEM Dan Hayes, will be on-site to showcase Spearline’s plans for further expansion and product development.

At Enterprise Connect, they will also officially launch testRTC and the six WebRTC tools that have enabled them to innovate in the rapidly changing TELCO space – a space that has been forever altered by COVID-19.


For media enquiries please contact:

Laura Varley,
Account Executive,
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E: laura@clearstoryinternational.com 

For Spearline enquiries, please contact: 

Caroline Leonard,
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E: caroline.leonard@spearline.com 


About Spearline

Spearline is a global telecommunications testing and maintenance company founded in 2003 by Kevin Buckley and Matthew Lawlor. It is headquartered in Skibbereen, Co Cork, and currently employs over 120 people worldwide. The company has four additional locations, in Waterford, along with Ahmedabad, India and Bucharest, Romania and is an eight-time winner of the Deloitte Fast50 Awards. Spearline offers high-call quality at scale, enabling businesses to understand the customer call experience from 76 countries worldwide including the USA and Canada. For more information, please contact us. 

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