Voice Quality Test

The quality of your audio channel has a direct influence on the quality of your customer conversation

Why test for Voice Quality?

Uncover your customers' true call experience

Verify voice quality for any of your customer contact numbers.

Hold your carriers to SLAs

The results allow you to make more advised call-routing and carrier-sourcing decisions.

Access objective audio quality scores

PESQ scores allow you to know for certain how voice quality is performing at any time.

Enhance customer experience

Demonstrate your commitment to CX to your customers

What is it?

The voice quality test enables you to replicate a customer’s call and generate objective industry-standard audio quality scores. With minimal setup, this test can provide a wealth of understanding about your customer’s experience, as well as the level of service being delivered by your carrier.

When is it used?

The voice quality test is used to proactively monitor the availability and quality of your global toll and toll-free numbers. It is used to gain real-time alerts on customer-impacting issues and to hold carriers to SLAs. In many cases, it is also used to demonstrate your quality standards to your customers using independent and objective measures.

What is measured?

Measure and monitor key telecommunications performance indicators, including:

How it works

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