Standard Conference Test

The Conferencing sector is more competitive than ever. Quality is increasingly the most important competitive edge.

Why test your conference infrastructure

Monitor call quality

Pinpoint failures, identify patterns, and share information using our call detailed records.

Reduce troubleshooting time

Proactively manage your carriers and monitor adherence to SAL.s.

Protect your brand

Respond in real-time to any issues affecting your global contact numbers.

Widespread global coverage

With local infrastructure in over 70 countries, test your numbers wherever your customers are located.

What is it?

The conference test enables you to replicate a customer call and test all the functionality they need on a call without the need to deploy hardware or perform any setup. Once we have your numbers and conference credentials, tests can be set up within minutes, giving you the ability to proactively monitor and troubleshoot your global telecom footprint.

When is it used?

The conference test is used to proactively monitor the availability and quality of both your global toll and toll-free numbers and your internal conference infrastructure. The test is commonly used to gain real-time alerts on customer impacting issues, to hold carriers to SLAs and to evidence your independently measured quality to your customer. It is also an excellent tool when your network operations center (NOC) teams are troubleshooting issues.

What is measured?

Measure and monitor key telecommunications performance indicators, including:

How it works

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