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Post Dial Delay

The post dial delay test monitors the time between a number being dialled and the call being answered.

Post Dial Delay

How does it work?

  • The Spearline in-country or in-state server dials your toll and toll-free contact numbers. We use SIP or standard phone lines with ISDN signaling to replicate your customers’ experience.

  • The Spearline server waits for a connection or failure related message.

  • Once a message has been received, the test call is ended to ensure the call doesn’t connect to a live agent.


Post Dial Delay

How does it help?

Acceptable post dial delay (PDD) is stated as 7 seconds by the international Telecommunication Union (ITU) however, PDD can increase or decrease over time as carriers move traffic through different interconnects to handle volume.

As carriers move through a complex network using multiple carrier interconnects, PDD can increase and become problematic and frustrating for a customer and in the worst-case scenario can lead them to abandon a call believing that the call has been disconnected.

Terrible PDD can cause:

  • Poor customer experience
  • Call abandonment
  • Terrible brand reputation

What is measured?

  • Connection success or failure.
  • Post Dial Delay (the time between the number being dialled and the call being answered).
  • CLI Presentation (The Caller Line Identification presented on the call)

Key Benefits / Values

  • Spearline routinely tests and monitors to ensure that the post dial delay (PDD) experienced on your service numbers does not rise above the ITU standard and begin to affect your numbers connectivity.
  • Identify connectivity issues associated with high post dial delay.
  • Use call detail records (CDR’s) provided by Spearline to engage with carriers and resolve issues.

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