Post Dial Delay Test

Know how quickly your customers’ calls are answered and take action if they’re being kept waiting with the post dial delay test.

Why test Post Dial Delay

Monitor connectivity issues

Identify connectivity issues associated with high post dial delay.

Reduce troubleshooting time

Proactively manage your carriers and monitor adherence to SAL.s.

Protect your brand

Respond in real-time to any issues affecting your global contact numbers.

Identify, & report on any issues

Proactively measure PDD and spot where there are variations over time.

What is it?

The Post Dial Delay test is used to proactively monitor the time between a number being dialled and the call being answered. PDD is a call answer time metric which takes the intermediary networks into account. 

Acceptable Post Dial Delay is stated as 7 seconds by the international Telecommunication Union (ITU) however, Post Dial Delay can increase or decrease over time as carriers move traffic through different interconnects to handle volume.

When is it used?

The test is commonly used to gain real-time alerts on customer impacting issues, to hold carriers to SLAs and to evidence your independently measured quality to your customer. Resulting in an excellent tool when your network operations center (NOC) teams are troubleshooting issues.

What is measured?

Measure and monitor key telecommunications performance indicators, including:

How it works

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