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Latency test

The Spearline latency test replicates the customer call flow and allows you to quantify the amount of latency your customers experience

Latency Test

How does it work?

  • Client sets up a number that, once dialled, is placed in ‘echo back’ mode (all audio received is immediately echoed back down the line). Spearline in-country server dials your toll/toll-free number.
  • Spearline server sends audio tones that, once received, are echoed back to the Spearline server.
  • Spearline measure the round trip time of the audio tones (the time from when the audio was sent to when it was received).

Latency test

What is it?

Latency is the time between when you speak, to when the other person hears your voice. If latency values are high it can lead to great difficulty in conducting conversations and cause frustration.

The latency test replicates your customer’s call flow and allows you to quantify the amount of latency your customers experience.

When is it used?

A long delay in audio being received (or a highly variable delay) can have a severe impact on customer experience, especially in a conferencing scenario where larger numbers of people are trying to speak at once. The latency test allows you to proactively measure and benchmark this delay, and, with repeated testing, spot where there are variations over time. Data generated enables you to make informed routing decisions which have a positive impact in reducing latency values.

What is measured?

  • Connection success or failure
  • Post dial delay (between the number being dialled and the call being answered)
  • Latency (or round trip time of audio)

Key benefits

  • Identify and report issues before they significantly impact on customers
  • Identify high or variable latency which affect your customer’s experience
  • Provides data that allows you to identify changes that have a positive effect on latency

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