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Connection test

Our most straightforward test, and the basis for all our customers’ testing setup

Connection Test

How does it work?

  • Spearline in-country server dials your contact number – we use standard phone lines with ISDN signalling to replicate your customer’s experience.
  • Spearline server waits for connection or failure related message.
  • Once signal is received the test call is ended to ensure the call doesn’t connect to a live agent

Connection Test

What is it?

The connection test is our most straightforward test, and the basis for all our customers’ testing setup. The test dials your numbers from a Spearline in-country server. We can detect when the call is answered or if there is a connection related issue, and, after validating the problem, alert you before any of your customers do.

When is it used?

The connection test is used when you need monitoring enabled quickly. There is no setup required on your side and testing is enabled as soon as the numbers are loaded into the system. Where you have a large global telecom footprint, the connection test can be used to proactively alert you to any customer-impacting issues.

What is measured?

  • Connection success or failure
  • Post dial delay (between the number being dialled and the call being answered)

Key benefits

  • Identify and report issues before they significantly impact on customers
  • Reduce mean time to resolution by providing detailed call detail records

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