Conference Call Forward Test

Test access to the conferencing platform via user specific call pathing.

Why you should test Conference Call forwarding?

Replicate your customers' experience

Bring your customers' networks in to the testing loop, with minimal set up.

Pinpoint where issues occur

Identify if an issue or degradation is occurring on your customer’s network, your carrier's, or your own.

Better visibility

Test your numbers, not just your network, from the outside in.

More informed decision-making

Provided with data allowing you to make more informed call-routing and carrier-sourcing decisions

What is it?

The Spearline conference call forward test allows you to bring your customer’s network into the testing loop. It enables you to replicate your customer’s calls into your conference and test all functionality with minimal setup. 

When combined with standard conference testing, this allows you to identify where an issue or degradation is occurring, be it on your customer’s network or your own.

When is it used?

The conference call forward test is commonly used to troubleshoot customer issues where the problem may be intermittent or hard to resolve. In many cases conference companies use it as an optional add-on in customer agreements or SLAs, offering customers greater visibility of the quality of service on offer.

What is measured?

Measure and monitor key telecommunications performance indicators, including:

How it works

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