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Set and achieve goals based on historical performance on benchmarked indicators.


What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is available to users of the Voice Assure In-Country product.

At the start of each month, Spearline calculates in-country benchmarks from the previous three months’ data. Benchmarks are determined by removing the customer’s data from the previous three months of Spearline’s testing data and calculating the average performance across all other companies for the connectivity rate, audio quality, and Post Dial Delay (PDD) in each country.

The reporting feature provides an option to select one of the values (countries, carriers, numbers, departments, and customers) to present and outline the Best/Worst performing case over the time period selected, while also providing in-country benchmarks to compare performance against others in the market.

Customers will also be presented with the options to automate report results for all available call metrics using custom dashboards and the ability to customize up to 100 Reporting dashboards for different Reporting situations.


When is it used?

Customers access the Voice Assure products by logging in via a browser session and replicating their customer’s experience in each country that they provide service in, testing for connectivity, voice quality, latency, and more. Once logged in to the Voice Assure In-Country & Interstate products, Customers will be presented with their own individual Reporting dashboard.

Here Customers can know for certain how well their numbers are performing at any given time when compared to Spearline’s in-country benchmarks. 

This allows the user to highlight areas for improvement and engage with their carriers on performance while also helping them to make informed decisions regarding which carriers to choose for handling their voice traffic in each country and on where to direct valuable resources

Key Benefits of Benchmarking

  • Full performance perspective

Using Spearline benchmarks, customers can gain a full perspective on performance when compared to others in-country, allowing you to proactively identify any areas for improvement over periods of time.

  • Highlight problems before your customers are affected

Customers can use benchmarking data to help make proactive informed decisions on where to place valuable resources and highlight specific problem numbers or carriers. By identifying performance gaps or areas for improvement over long periods of time, customers can resolve potential issues faster, before their customers can be affected.

  • Validate and compare the quality of your carriers using benchmarks.

By validating and comparing the quality of their carriers, customers can always stay ahead of the competition and resolve any potential issues that may arise with their carriers. By making these proactive efforts and informed decisions, customers can always choose the correct carriers and resolve issues faster.

  • Customers can filter, group, and search through all test results in a custom date range.
  • Automate report results for all available call metrics using custom dashboards.
  • Customize up to 100 Reporting dashboards for different Reporting situations.
  • Provide in-country benchmarks to compare performance against others in the market.
  • Outline the Best/Worst performing countries, carriers, numbers, departments, or customers.

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