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Agent Response Test

Be sure that your infrastructure is supporting your agents in providing a great customer experience.

Agent response test

How does it work?

  • Spearline in-country server dials your toll/toll-free number.
  • Spearline server sends DTMF tones to navigate through your IVR.
  • After navigating through the last IVR prompt, we begin a countdown timer. At the same time, we begin to play a prompt, asking the agent to press 1 on their keypad.
  • When we receive a tone for 1, a thank you prompt plays and the call disconnects. The time taken for the agent to respond is recorded. If no tone is received from the agent before the call times out, this is recorded as a fail.
  • As an optional extra, we can ask the agent for extra inputs such as their extension number or call whisper displayed on their phone.

Agent response test

What is it?

The agent response test lets you measure performance of your outsourced contact centres - giving you full visibility of your partners’ performance, and your customers’ experience. By generating test calls from our in-country servers around the world, you can ensure that your global customers are able to connect to their local contact numbers, and get through to an agent in good time.

When is it used?

The agent response test is used mainly by enterprises using outsourced contact centre providers such as BPOs (business process outsourcing), to ensure that partners are performing to agreed standards. With no setup or configuration at the contact centre, the test will proactively alert you to customer-impacting issues such as long response times or inability to navigate an IVR. The test gives you the insights and data you need to manage performance and hold providers to service level agreements.

What is measured?

  • Connection success or failure
  • Agent confirmation, including time to response
  • Post dial delay (between the number being dialled and the call being answered)
  • IVR functionality
  • DTMF (touch tone) functionality

Key benefits

  • Identify service level issues before they impact your customers.
  • Test, benchmark and manage your outsourced contact center’s team and site performance.
  • Measure service level agreements (SLAs) accurately and hold providers to SLAs.

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