Voice Quality Testing

Automated voice call quality testing, allowing you to replicate and optimize customer experience!

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Spearline can solve all your problems

  • Delivered a better voice quality
    Proactively test voice call quality helps to identify poor voice quality issues before they significantly impact on customers.

  • Test service delivered by your carrier
    Provides call detail record analysis (CDR) data enabling you to make more advised call-routing and carrier-sourcing decisions.

  • Test calls to and from both landlines and mobile
    Spearline allows an in-country phone number to test voice call quality through PSTN (landlines) and mobile/cellular networks.

  • We provide 24/7/365 technical support
    Switch from being reactive to proactive with fully validated real-time failure alerts with key event details.

Measure & Test What Matters

Cloud-based platform with no installation required

Real-Time Alerts​

On-demand testing of your global toll number anytime, anywhere through the platform.​

Connection Test

Test for call connection success or failure, fundamental to all communications.

Voice Quality Test

Voice quality measurement with industry-standard PESQ helps replication of customer call quality.

Call Latency Test

Latency testing allows you to measure the time from when audio was sent to when it was received by the listener.

SIP Route Tester

Add new and edit existing SIP trunks and carrier or prefix details straight from the Spearline Platform.

Agent Response Test

Measure the performance of your own or outsourced contact centers and the response time of the agent.

a variety of voice call quality testing and VoIP call quality testing scenarios to suit your network and needs.

Spearline can benefit your business

  • Replicate customer experience from the outside in
    Improve your customer experience by fully understanding voice call quality from your customers’ perspective.

  • Build strong brand loyalty with your customers
    Automated voice call testing of international and domestic phone numbers to detect issues before your customers even notice.

  • Reduce time and cost of troubleshooting
    Fix poor voice quality issues quicker with the benefit of detailed reports, and let your engineers work on more valuable tasks.

  • Decrease unknown cost of numbers outages
    We reduce business risk where mission-critical international toll-free numbers are used.


You’re in good company​

Meet some of our (very) happy customers​

I now see objective voice quality PESQ scores on every number we test - visibility I didn't have before we started Spearline.

Arnie Chencinski, Senior Voice Network Engineer

Spearline gave us better visibility on the quality of our service, and allowed us to detect and solve issues much faster. It contributed to improving call quality and customer satisfaction.

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu, Tech Co-Founder

Spearline offers a quicker detection of issues and faster turnaround times that require less human resources.

Alain Rodriguez, Technical Support Lead

The platform has been exceptional in our ability to drive carrier improvements, customer fault investigations and alerting of any country issues.

Gregor Rennie , EMEA Carrier Account Manager


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The importance of voice quality testing for contact centers. What impact would that have on your customer experience?

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