What is Agent Assure?

Agent Assure is a tool that focuses on validating the ability of call center agents to conduct voice calls while working from home. It allows IT/support managers to test the network and machine suitability of their call center agents and can provide helpful suggestions to agents themselves to help them troubleshoot issues without the need for IT support. 

The tool can quickly provide admins or IT support teams with insights into an agent’s remote working environment. This tool helps reduce the agents’ dependence on IT support teams and vice-versa.

Agent Assure Home Screen

The Architecture

The platform has three main screens, which you will come to know better as you begin to use the product. Below is a summary of each section and its purpose. You can click the links provided if you would like to jump in and learn more.

  • Home (three widgets give you a summary of recent tests completed, a weekly test breakdown and a simple tool for sending invites.
  • History (displays the logs of all the tests that were run in chronological order)
  • Invites (a table view displays the history of all invites that have been sent)
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