With webhooks, applications can communicate with each other in real time by sending information through HTTP POST payloads to a specified URL. This event-driven programming allows users to subscribe to events within an application and receive updates as soon as they occur.

Webhooks provide a convenient way to integrate and automate processes between different applications, eliminating the need for constant polling for data updates.

Why use Webhooks?

With a webhook in place, Voice Assure can send a message to a URL you specify every time a call fails. The message will contain information about the failed call, such as;

  • the date and time
  • the phone number
  • the reason for the failure

This information is known as the “payload.”

What are the benefits of Webhooks?

Now, you don’t have to actively check the software to see if there are any failed calls. Instead, you will receive the information about failed calls automatically, in real-time, through the webhook. This allows you to be more efficient and quickly address any issues with the calls, as you will be notified as soon as a call fails.

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