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Voice Assure Realtime | Reporting Dashboard

The Voice Assure Realtime reporting dashboard has been desigend to show you all the important information up front for you to take action when experiencing issues with your telephony. It displays all previous calls made and provides further actions you can take with the call results to ensure a quick resolution to your issues.

Figure: Voice Assure Realtime | Reporting Dashboard
  1. Filter through all test data by Date, Country, User, Number, Number Type or Call Type.
  2. Reset filters.
  3. Export filtered data to a .csv file (comma separated values).
  4. Actions allow users to:
    1.  Listen to a recording (when listening to the audio the user also has the option to download it).
    2.  Redial a number
    3.  Schedule numbers for automated testing (Only available to Voice Assure In-country and Voice Assure Interstate customers).
  5. Call detail records (CDR’s) are presented here.
  6. Navigate through pages of all available test results here using pagination.

Call Detail Records

All call detail records (CDR’s) contain the following information:

  • Country: (the country that the call was dialed from).
  • User: (the person who made the call).
  • Number: (the phone number the user dialed).
  • Call Type: (the type of route that was used to make the call – PSTN or GSM).
  • Creation Time: (the moment the user pressed the dial button).
  • Start Time: (the moment the call connected).
  • End Time: (the moment the call disconnected).
  • CLI Number: (the caller line identity of the caller).
  • IVR Traversal:(if an automated IVR traversal is used on the call it will be presented here).
  • Number Type: (the type of number that was dialed e.g Toll, Toll Free, etc…).
  • Provider: (the network provider that was used when placing the call).
  • State: (the call state which has been assigned to the call e.g Connected, Busy, etc…).
  • Call Recordings: (all recordings are provided as a link in the ‘Actions’ column).
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