User Roles (Access Rights)

User roles are used to grant different levels of platform access to users.

Each company has a set of user roles that they can assign to each user. This authorization system can restrict user access to different areas of the platform based on access rights associated with each role.

Only users with Full Access rights can add or edit a user’s level of access.

If a user tries to access part of the platform they are not authorized to use, they will receive an error message on the screen.

User Rights Breakdown

User rights are customizable. If you would like to create a bespoke set of user rights please contact your dedicated Spearline customer engagement manager.

Permissions Explanation

Full Access

Full Access provides a complete level of access into the Spearline Platform, this user can access the full suite of functionality across both Voice Assure and Realtime. With the ability to:

  • View and create Dashboards.
  • Review and add numbers for testing.
  • Review and Create Campaigns.
  • Create & Schedule Reports.
  • Use the Voice Assure Realtime platform and report related functions.
  • Use Admin to add new users and set their access rights level.

Realtime Access

Realtime Access provides a user with an access level restricted to the Voice Assure Realtime application only. With the ability to:

  • Dial Numbers Manually.
  • Listen to audio.
  • Download Audio.
  • Redial.
  • Review Reporting Table (and export csv).
  • Access to the Dashboard to view Voice Assure Realtime testing results.

Reporting Access

Reporting Access provides a very limited access. With the ability to:

  • View testing results through the Dashboard.
  • Create and schedule reports.

Assign User Rights

Restrict user access by setting user rights.

To assign user rights, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the ‘User Actions’ column as outlined below.
    Figure: Navigation to the user ‘Actions’ column

    1. Navigate to the ‘Admin’ module.  (this can be found here in the left-hand navigation menu).
    2. Use the search box at the top of the list to find the user you want. Enter a full or partial name or email address (e.g. Joe or
    3. Choose the Edit icon  from the ‘Action’ column.
  2. Assign the desired user rights from the ‘Role‘ drop-down menu within the ‘Edit User’ dialog box.
    Figure: Select User Role
  3. Click the Update button to complete your task.

Results: The users details will now be updated in the ‘Users’ table found in the ‘Admin’ section.

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