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Understanding The Results

Once a test has been completed, the agent is presented with the results. Based on the voice quality, an agent will receive a voice quality score of 0 – 5.  The score is calculated by determining all of the test’s statistics and then provides human-readable explanations of test results and some suggestions, where applicable, that may help them alleviate the problem. This is done to help the agent understand the root cause of their issue while also helping them to resolve the issue.

Agents will be provided with one of three possible test results.

  • Critical
  • Fair
  • Good


On getting Critical results, the agents are shown more insights and steps to improve the result.

Figure: Agent Result Critical


On getting a fair result, agents are provided with fewer options to check the voice quality and a few steps to improve the same.

Figure: Agent Result Warning


Getting a Good result does not show any information or insights.

Figure – Agent Result Passed

Depending on the results, here are a few suggestions an agent might see:

Test Results Suggestions
  • No information or insights
  • You are connected via WiFi. This may affect quality. We suggest you either shift to an ethernet-based connection or make sure you are close to the access point and use a 5 GHz WiFi connection.
  • WiFi connection might be a bit slow
  • Try moving closer to your router 
  • WiFi connection is very slow
  • Try using an ethernet cable
  • Contact your ISP
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