IVR Traversal

When running any testing with Spearline, we must use IVR (interactive voice response) Traversals to help us navigate an IVR system unattended and reach a particular point.

What is IVR?

When you call your credit card company, you will use an IVR to pay your balance or report a fraudulent charge. Airlines use extensive IVRs to book reservations and check the real-time status of flights. Pharmacies use IVRs for refilling prescriptions. And just about everybody uses IVRs to route calls to separate extensions or to access a company’s phone directory.

Similarly, auto attendants are commonly used on conference calls to help guide participants when they’re dialing into a meeting. The first interaction the participant has will typically be an instruction to enter the meeting room ID or the passcode for the conference meeting.

In any case, whether you refer to them as auto attendants or as an interactive voice response (IVR) or even a voice response unit (VRU), they will perform the same task, which is to help you connect with the right person or meeting room.

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