Time Groups

Time groups decide the testing frequency and the days on which tests should run.

The Time Groups page is where you can search, view, add, edit or delete time groups. It contains all currently entered time groups, their status, and a summary of each time group’s schedule.

Note: Time groups are a prerequisite for all Spearline tests!
Figure: Time Groups Module
  1. Time Groups Module (The ‘Timegroups Module’ is nested in a tab which can be located along the top of the page under the campaigns module here).
  2. Search Filters (narrow down your search results using filters).
  3. Add Timegroup Button (when clicked it brings up the ‘Add Timegroup’ dialog box).
  4. Actions section allows users to:
    1.  View (when clicked it brings up further information about the timegroup).
    2.  Edit (when clicked it brings up the ‘Edit Timegroup’ dialog box).
    3.  Delete (when clicked it brings up a confirmation box to confirm the deletion of the timegroup).
  5. Timegroups List (shows if the timegroup is active or inactive along with a summary of the timegroup settings).
  6. Pagination (shows the total timegroups available along with page navigation if necessary).
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