The Home Page

The Home screen provides three main widgets. This includes two widgets that summarize recent tests completed and weekly test breakdowns. Another widget provides an easy tool for sending invites to agents.

Figure: Agent Assure Home Screen

The Agent Summary Widget

In this section, users can view a summary of recent tests completed. This component shows insights into the last 5 test results. Clicking on any of the last 5 test results in the Agent summary table will take you to a full overview of that test.

Figure: Agent Test Summary

The Weekly Test Breakdown Widget

The Weekly Test Breakdown is a snapshot of performance over the past 7 days.

Figure: Weekly Breakdown Widget

Based on the voice quality, the test results are divided into 3 categories:

  • Good
  • Poor
  • Fail

The Send Invite Widget

This widget provides a quick and easy way for users to send invites. They only need to add an email address, a name, and click on the SEND INVITE button. This will generate an email to the agent that contains detailed instructions which the agent should follow in order to run the test.

Figure: Agent Assure Invite Widget
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