Set Time Zone

The dashboard time zone can be changed to reflect the local time in your area or the local time relevant to where you are testing.

Note: The dashboard time zone is related to the timestamps of completed tests in the analytics table. Setting the wrong timezone may delay results from populating in the table even though the tests may have run.

To set the dashboard time zone, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard module of the platform  (this can be found here in the left hand navigation menu).
  2. From the dashboard drop-down menu choose the dashboard you would like to change the time zone for.
  3. Once the dashboard has loaded, use the timezone drop-down menu to choose the timezone you would like (this is located top right of the screen).

    Tip!Timezones are applied to each dashboard individually. This means you may have several dashboards with a different timezone set for each.

  4. Your task is now complete.

Result: The page will refresh and all test results will now be displayed relevant to the time zone you have chosen.

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