Spearline API

The Spearline API (Application Programming Interface) feature exposes the functionality of Voice Assure In-Country and Voice Assure Interstate for integration with your company’s software. In this way, you can control the functionality that is presented to your users. The Spearline API lets developers access, publish, create, and modify data within a Spearline account.

About the Spearline API

With the API, companies can deeply integrate our products and features into their applications. This can help alleviate the hassles of traditional onboarding, management, and operations, as customers can use the Spearlne API to create bespoke solutions (providing only relevant functionality to their users) that match their personal use cases. Customers can use the API to automate steps that usually take human interaction, which reduces training, workload and human error. 

  • API Onboarding: An account manager will work with you to determine the elements of the API you will use.
  • Design & Development: Your company’s development team can use the Spearline API to integrate elements of the Spearline platform with their existing systems. 
  • Documentation: Access to the Spearline API documentation is granted through the Spearline platform.
  • Sandbox: Access to a sandbox environment where users can develop and test their code without affecting live tests (see figure).
  • Figure: Spearline API Sandbox


  • Tasks that otherwise must be done manually can be automated, such as when a user adds a new number to their management system, it can be automatically added to Spearline.
  • Companies can create bespoke solutions that match their personal use cases.
  • Companies can use the API to automate steps that usually take human interaction, which reduces training, workload, and human error.
  • Companies can choose to present the users with only the relevant functionality for their use case.
  • Companies can mitigate the risk of using external software.
  • Automating simple use cases through an API can free up time so users can stay focused on what is valuable to the customer.
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