Schedule a Report

Note: Reports are built using the data contained in your saved dashboards. You are provided with 3 basic dashboards which can be used for scheduling but you have the ability to add up to 99 custom dashboards for your reporting needs.

To schedule a report, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Actions’ column which is located under the UNSCHEDULED REPORTS section of the ‘Reports’ module.

    Figure: Navigation to the ‘Unscheduled Reports’.
    1. Navigate to the ‘Reporting’ module of the platform  (this can be found here in the left hand navigation menu).
    2. Search for the dashboard you wish to schedule under the heading UNSCHEDULED REPORTS.
    3. Click on the Schedule Icon  (this can be found under the ‘Actions’ column on the right of the table).
  2. Follow these steps on the schedule page to setup the recipients and schedule type.
    Figure: Schedule Setup Page
    1. Dashboard Selection – Confirm your dashboard selection is correct by viewing this information (the dashboard name, creator and creation date are all displayed here).
    2. To – Add the main recipient email addresses in the TO: field (each entry will be added as a block with an option to remove it again if necessary).
    3. CC – If required add the carbon copy recipients (CC) here.
    4. BCC – If required add the blind carbon copy recipients (BCC) here.
    5. Email subject – Add the subject line to be displayed on your email here (this is a mandatory field which must be filled).
    6. Message – Add the body of the email here.
    7. Schedule Type – Select the schedule type from the drop-down menu (depending on the type of schedule you choose (e.g: Hourly, Daily, Weekly) you will be presented with different options for scheduling underneath).
      Note: You can change the schedule type at any stage!
    8. Report Type – Select the report type format you would like to send (this can be either PDF or CSV format).
  3. Follow the steps below to set your desired scheduling times based on the decision made in Step 3g (some of the options shown below may not be available depending on the selection you made but you can change your selection at any time).
    Figure: Schedule Time
    1. Schedule – Use the ‘Schedule’ drop-down menu to choose the report frequency based on the ‘Schedule Type’ you selected previously.
      (e.g: If you selected ‘Daily’ as the schedule type then the choices here will be presented in days)
    2. Run on – Use the checkboxes provided to select the days you wish your report to be sent.
    3. Timezone – Choose the timezone for your report schedule to follow.
    4. Start Date – Choose a start date for your report to begin sending.
    5. No End Date – Use this checkbox to indicate if you would like your report to send continuously with no end date.
    6. End Date – If you have not checked the ‘No End Date’ checkbox please enter the date you would like your reports to end.
    7. Time – Choose if you would like to have your report sent inside or outside business hours for the timezone you have selected.
      Note: Use the radio buttons to indicate if you would like the tests to run ‘Inside’ business hours (between 08:00 + 18:00 Hours) or ‘Outside’ business hours (between 00:00 – 08:00 and 18:00 – 23:59).
    8. Submit – Press the Submit button at the bottom of the page to complete your task.
  4. Your task is complete.

Result: Your scheduled report will now be available to search, edit or delete from the main reporting table in the Reporting section of the platform here.

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