Schedule reports based on your testing results to send to yourself or your operations teams.

The reporting module is used for scheduling your dashboards to be sent as reports. Each of your saved dashboards can be set up to generate scheduled reports with their data at any time automatically.

Figure: Reporting Module Layout
  1. Reporting Module (the ‘Reporting’ Module is located here in the left hand navigation.
  2. Search Filters (use this to quickly find the any report you have setup).
  3. New Report button (when clicked it takes you to the new report setup page).
  4. Actions section allows users to:
    1.  Edit (when clicked it brings up the settings for that report).
    2.  Delete (when clicked it brings up a confirmation box to confirm the deletion of that report).
    3.  Schedule (when clicked it takes you to the scheduling options for that report).
  5. Unscheduled Reports (Any dashboards that have not yet been setup for scheduled reporting will show here).
  6. New Report button(when clicked it takes you to the new report setup page).
  7. Scheduled Reports(all scheduled reports will be visible here along with a summary of the report settings and the option to toggle the report status between ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’).
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