October Release Notes – 2021

30/10/2021 –  A new ‘Rolling Type’ field has been added to the Import/Export Numbers function.

What is the new feature about?

We have now included a ‘Rolling Type’ field to the Import/Export file function. This will help users to more easily identify the type of route through which rolling tests should be scheduled when bulk importing numbers.


What has changed after the new feature release?

When bulk uploading numbers in the number’s section, users can now configure the numbers to use either PSTN or GSM routes for rolling testing, depending on the testing requirements. This will then apply the scheduling information to the appropriate route.

How is it going to make any difference for customers?

Due to the addition of this new field the amount of required fields has been changed. Any previously created .csv files will need to have a ‘Rolling Type’ field added in order for the upload to be successful.

What can customers take advantage of?

Now that this has been added users can specify when bulk importing which  schedule and route should be applied for each number in the list.

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Was this article helpful?

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