Number Management

Numbers Module:

Note: All numbers presented in the table are based on the chosen application type. You may need to change the application type from the default setting to view your numbers. This application type can be selected top left of the page in the filters section. The drop-down menu is located next to the ‘Search Number’ field.

You can search, add, edit or delete numbers within the numbers module. It contains all currently entered numbers and their associated metadata and provides several actions that can be performed on those numbers.

Figure: Numbers Module
  1. Search Filters – (narrow down your search results using filters).
  2. Add Number button – (when clicked it brings up the ‘Add Number’ dialog box).
  3. PSTN or GSM (choose to view numbers which are set to use PSTN or GSM routes – when selected only numbers assigned to those routes will be shown).
  4. Actions (the options in this column allows users to:
    1.  Batch Test (when clicked it allows a user to select a number of tests to be run a the number along with the offset in minutes between each test).
    2.  Edit (when clicked it brings up the ‘Edit Number’ dialog box).
    3.  Delete (when clicked it brings up a confirmation box to confirm the deletion of the number).
  5. Toggle Status – Toggle number status on/off – (this is only visible for rolling tests. when clicked it switches between the ‘number running’ and ‘number stopped’ operating state).
  6. Numbers List – Summary of all numbers and metadata for the application type which is selected (the application type is set in the filters section to the right of the search bar.
  7. Bulk Actions – (when one or more boxes are checked the ‘Bulk Actions’ menu is revealed above the table).
  8. Pagination (here you can see the total amount of numbers available for the application type that is selected, how many pages are present and a navigation panel to help you search through pages).

How to Add Numbers:

The process for adding numbers is varied depending on the type of numbers you are adding or importing. Please choose from the following options. If you are unsure which number type to choose, please speak with your account manager who will be able to assist you further.

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