November Release Notes 2022

What’s been happening at Spearline?

Location, location, location.

You asked, and we listened. Following demand, we’ve added ten new countries to our overall coverage, bringing the total number of nations we cover to 81.
We now support 91 Fixed Line carriers, are partnered with 159 mobile networks, and have a presence in 132 locations.

Date Country Location
24/01 Egypt Cairo
04/02 El Salvador San Salvador
21/02 Honduras Tegucigalpa
21/02 Qatar Doha
23/05 Bosnia & Herzegovina Sarajevo
21/07 Guatemala Guatemala City
21/07 Ghana Accra
25/07 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
17/08 Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Abidjan
08/11 Pakistan Islamabad

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Voice Assure Realtime 2.0 was Released

Main Phone - Provider Selection Menu - Release Notes

Introducing Provider Selection:

Voice Assure Realtime 2.0 brings with it our new provider selection feature. With this feature, users can now:

  • Choose from multiple fixed-line or mobile providers when dialing numbers in-country.
  • Experience exactly what your customers are experiencing when dialing phone numbers in-country, regardless of which provider they use.
  • Enhance visibility into how phone numbers behave across multiple voice providers and geographical locations.

Learn more: Provider selection

Implemented a powerful A.I. augmented with humans.

Concerning verification and monitoring, we have now automated 75% of this process using AI, with 99.9% accuracy, and we are still growing.

This process, combined with Spearline’s 24/7 team of testing support specialists, means that tests can be human-verified in cases of suspected false alarms. Results are delivered faster with reduced handling time, and our support specialists are more available for you, our customers.

Our infrastructure was upgraded.

Spearline is constantly monitoring our database closely for quality or performance issues. When we noticed that we had hit 70% of our database capacity, we decided to take the step of updating our main live database to prevent any unwanted downtime or performance-related issues.

  • At 11 am on Saturday, Dec 3rd, we took the task of upgrading our main live database.
  • We had a downtime of approx 42 minutes, during which you may have noticed intermittent access to some services.

The benefits of this will be;

  • Reduced risk of downtime.
  • Stable platform responsiveness during peak times.
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