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My automated tests are failing. What can I do?

Redial numbers using Voice Assure Realtime.

Did you know that you can perform Voice Assure Realtime calls right from within your Dashboards?

How to place calls from your dashboards;

  1. Search for the number within any of your dashboards.
  2. In the Actions column, click the ‘Redial’ Icon for the number Redial Icon


The Voice Assure Realtime softphone will appear in an overlay on the screen, and the number will begin to dial.

Depiction of Voice Assure Realtime calling status
Figure: Call in Progress

Export a Report and Contact your Provider.

Use the CSV button to export any analytics table to a CSV format.

To export analytics to a CSV file simply click the CSV button located top right of the table.

To export an analytics dashboard to a .csv file, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard module of the platform (this can be found here in the left hand navigation menu).
  2. From the dashboard drop-down menu choose the ‘Failed Tests’ dashboard (located top left of the screen).
    Dashboard Drop-down Menu
  3. Once the dashboard has loaded click the CSV button (located top right of the screen).
    Download CSV Button
  4. Choose where you would like to save the CSV file on your computer and click Save.
  5. Open an email to your telecom provider and attach the report with a brief description of the issue.
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