March Release Notes 2022

New Feature – 23/03/2022 : Audio Icon Color Change

What is the new feature about?

Earlier, On the Voice Assure In-country and Interstate Dashboards, when a call recording was available, the color of the call recording icon was visible in Gray but when using the Voice Assure Realtime tester the same Gray Icon meant that the call recording was unavailable. This has now been standardized. Orange Icons will now be shown for all available call recordings. Gray Icons will represent a call where no recording is available.

What has changed after the new feature release?

Available call recordings will now be highlighted with an Orange Icon. Unavailable call recordings will be presented with a Gray icon.

How is it going to make any difference for customers?

Standardization has been applied to all parts of the platform which will avoid confusion, as from now onwards, Orange icons will state that a call recording is available and Gray Icons will represent a call where no call recording is available.

What can customers take advantage of?

It will be simpler to understand if the call recording is available or not with the color variation, and it will be the same on each and every part of the platform.

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