Map View Dashboard

The map view dashboard displays real-time information related to the numbers that Spearline is currently monitoring, to provide a quick indication of number health in a specific country.

Viewing your telecoms connectivity and audio quality on a global scale is beneficial because it allows you to monitor the performance of your phone numbers in different countries and quickly identify any service-impacting issues. This enables you to take proactive measures to address those issues and maintain a high level of service quality for your customers, regardless of their location. This can be especially useful for companies with a global customer base or distributed workforce.

Standard View

The standard map view dashboard is a live map tool available for all voice assure in-country customers. 

Map View Dashboard
Figure: Map View (Global)

Map View Benefits:

  • The Map View tool allows you to monitor the connectivity and call quality of phone numbers in different countries.
  • The map displays a quick indication of whether numbers are failing in a specific country or not.
  • It updates in real time, which allows you to identify and address any service-impacting issues quickly.
  • The map can be fully customized to meet your needs, such as adding various failed states, like dropped calls or poor call quality.
  • It provides quick access to additional details without logging onto the Voice Assure Dashboard.
  • It is a powerful visual tool especially useful for NOC/Telecom teams who need to identify and resolve service-impacting issues quickly.
  • A drill-down function allows you to view more information regarding performance by clicking on any country where you are testing. This will bring up a summary of testing in that country.
Map View Dashboard
Figure: Map View Focused

Custom View

The map view dashboard can be customized to provide feedback on connectivity and call quality using different criteria for changing the map’s color. The criteria for color changes can be customized to meet your specific needs.

  • For connectivity, the criteria for changing the map’s color can be based on the results of initial test failures or follow-up tests. 
  • For quality, different shades of colors can be used to indicate the current audio quality in each country.
  • The map can provide feedback on quality and connection, the connection only, or quality only.
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