June Release Notes 2023

Hold onto your hats folks, and prepare for the most streamlined release notes experience you’ve ever witnessed! We’ve trimmed the excess, pruned the unnecessary, and left you with the cream of the crop. Like a bonsai tree of updates, small but packed with beauty!

New Features:

  • Intelligent Insights: We are excited to introduce our latest feature, Intelligent Insights, designed to revolutionize your business’s telecommunications infrastructure and services. With the power of data analysis and reporting, Intelligent Insights enables you to enhance connectivity, monitor performance trends, and allocate resources effectively for continuous improvement. Intelligent Insights serve as a catalyst for positive change by providing actionable data and reports that drive efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

To learn more about this new feature read Introducing Intelligent Insights Reports


  • Gamma: Our powerful verification and monitoring A.I, Gamma, just got even better! It now handles restricted number formats with lightning speed, helping you identify issues in a flash. Collaboration between A.I and our amazing human support specialists ensures accurate and reliable results. Faster, better, and with more support availability than ever before.
  • New Testing Locations: We are just about to finalize 5 new EMEA locations with a new carrier and you will soon be able to use these locations with Voice Assure Realtime. With these additions, we now cover a whopping 82 countries, partner with 95 Fixed Line carriers, 161 Mobile Networks, and have a presence in 131 locations. That’s what we call global domination!

Customers will be notified very soon with the details of our new carrier locations! For a full list of our current coverage, please visit spearline.com/global-coverage


  • Firefox Browser Issue: We squashed a bug that was bugging Firefox users. Calls were getting stuck, causing some users to receive a ‘SIPml is not defined’ error when using Voice Assure Realtime. This was caused by a recent Firefox update. But fear not, we fixed the issue caused by the update and it’s smooth sailing from now on!
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