July Release Notes 2022

Bug Fix – 5/07/2022 : Filtered results error


What was the bug?

When using the analytics dashboard, the default page (page 1) was not the first thing shown if the user tried to apply a filter to page 2 or higher.


What problem was the bug creating?

If a user tried applying a new filter when on any page other than page 1 it would not take you back to page 1. Instead it would remain on the last page chosen. This sometimes led to few or no results being presented even though many filtered results were available. If you wanted to see all filtered results, you would need to move back to page 1 manually.


What was changed after the bug was fixed?

When applying filters in the analytics dashboard the page will now reset to page 1 of the results regardless of which page the user is on when the filter is applied.


What difference will it create now?

All filtered information will be presented beginning with page 1.


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