IVR Traversal

The IVR Traversal module is where you can search, add, edit or delete your IVR Traversals. It contains all currently entered IVR traversals for both Inbound and Outbound testing.

Figure: IVR Traversal Module
  1. IVR Module (the IVR tab is located here top of the page under the numbers module of the platform)
  2. Search (if you know the name of the IVR you’re trying to find you can search for it here).
  3. Choose IVR Type (when selected only IVR’s for that type can be added, edited or deleted)).
  4. IVR Overview (summary of each IVR that has been added depending on the IVR type you have selected – Inbound or Outbound)
  5. Add IVR Button (when clicked it brings up the ‘Add IVR’ dialog box).
  6. Actions (the actions column provides further actions you can take with an IVR).
    1.  Edit Icon (when clicked it brings up the ‘Edit IVR’ dialog box).
    2.  Delete Icon (when clicked it brings up a confirmation box to confirm the deletion of the IVR traversal).
  7. Pagination(shows the total of IVR traversals available with the option to navigate through the pages).
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