The Invites Page

On the Invites screen, the user can see a detailed history of all invites sent. They also can Resend an invite or Delete an invite as needed.


  • Reorder Columns: Rearrange columns by grabbing the column hearer and moving it left or right.
  • Save As New: Use the Save As New function located top right of the screen to save your columns in a new order.
  • Preset: Use the dropdown menu shown top right of the screen to select from previously saved column configurations.
  • Compact View: Choose between the compact and default views.
  • Search: Use the search function to find contacts in the table quickly.
  • Export: Use the export function to export all contacts to a .csv file (comma separated values)
  • Refresh: Click the refresh button to refresh the window to pull in the results from any invites that may be pending.
Figure: Table Actions
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