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Getting started with Agent Assure

Agent Assure is a simple tool that allows you to send an invite to a call center agent working from home. Once started, a network test will run, providing the agent and the IT person with an indication if the agent’s machine and network are suitable to conduct voice calls or not.

Sending an Invite

Sending a test invite couldn’t be easier. No configuration is needed on the admin’s side.

  1. From the Home page, you must insert the email address and name of the agent to whom you wish to send the invite.
  2. Click on the SEND INVITE button to send the invite to the agent.

The agent will receive an email with instructions on proceeding with the test. For more information, please see Running a Test.

Figure: Send Invite Tool

Test Results

Based on the voice quality, an agent might receive either of these three results along with indications of how to remedy the issue on their side if they receive a ‘Critical’ or ‘Fair’ test result.

  • Critical
  • Fair
  • Good

For more information, see Understanding The Results.


A ‘History’ page displays all the tests run in chronological order. You can click on any test within the table to view all aspects of the test and its results.

For more information, see History.


An ‘Invites’ page provides a table view containing the history of all invites that have been sent.

For more information, see Invites.


Company branding and Logout options can be located in the project configuration window.

For more information, see Settings.

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