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Inbound vs Outbound Testing

You could wonder, “Should I be testing my inbound lines or my outbound lines?” when deciding whether or not to test your phone lines.

Whichever is most crucial to your company is the answer. Spearline customers often test their inbound and outbound lines to ensure every call connects as it should and can deliver the highest possible call quality.

Why Inbound testing?

For instance, your call center in the USA might have toll-free local numbers in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Calls to these toll-free lines will end at the American contact center. Consider inbound call testing if you need to ensure that those calls successfully reach your call center and are of a high enough quality to allow your agents to be understood and kept busy.

  • Spearline’s inbound number test works by placing an inbound call to the toll-free number from our local in-country infrastructure in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.
  • We need to hit an audio quality reference file, which Spearline will supply to you, in order to generate an audio quality score.
  • This reference file is added as an endpoint on the number we are testing.

Why Outbound testing?

On the other hand. If your sales representatives are working hard every day to establish meaningful relationships with clients and prospects and are tireless in their efforts to present them with the best brand-new service or product that you are now offering. The quality of these lines is also crucial because poor call audio might give the wrong impression and make it harder for your agents to perform their duties effectively.

Consider outbound call testing if you need to ensure that those calls are successful and that call quality does not begin to degrade. If it does, rest assured that you will be alerted immediately to allow the issue to be resolved in a much faster manner. Without ever impacting your clients, customers, or staff.

  • Spearline’s outbound testing relies on the ability to generate a test call out from your infrastructure. This is typically done via a SIP interconnect.
  • If you are using carrier codes (also known as “carrier prefixes”, or “kick codes”), Spearline can add these as part of the dial string to force the call out through specific carriers that you’re using, giving visibility to individual carrier performance.
  • We provide you with Spearline-owned In-Country numbers to dial out to, as they are already pre-configured to playback the audio quality prompt when dialed. 
  • Spearline will report on connection, post-dial delay, and audio quality.
  • You may choose any number to dial out to, but if you choose a Spearline-owned number, this gives us greater visibility on incoming calls. This allows us to also report on CLI presentation and DTMF transmission.
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