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How does the SIP Route Tester work?

Spearline SIP Route Tester is an outbound testing tool that enables the user to configure their own SIP trunks and carrier routes, allowing you to make informed decisions on your carrier’s performance when dialing out from your network in real time.  Add new and edit existing SIP trunks and carrier or prefix details directly from the numbers module on the Spearline Platform. Configure the route with the trunk name, termination gateway, and dialing options for testing in the campaigns module by selecting your preferred SIP trunk and carrier.

SIP Route Tester has two main features:

SIP trunk and carrier configuration

Add SIP trunks and configure them with the trunk name, termination gateway and dialing options.

Here’s how:

  • Select the ‘SIP trunk’ option from the numbers module, where you can add the trunk details.
  • Once the SIP trunk menu has been selected, you will see a split table structure. One table is for the SIP Trunk details, and the second table is for carrier details. These work independently of each other.
  • Once added, you will see a list of SIP trunks and a list of carriers. The user can search and edit existing trunks and carriers from this page.

SIP trunk testing.

Create a campaign with the ability to select trunk and carriers/prefixes to dial out from.

Here’s how:

  • Create a campaign and select test type ‘SIP trunk test’.
  • Add the numbers you want to test in the campaign.
  • Choose from a list of trunks that have previously been added to the numbers module.
  • Select one or more carriers that you want to map the selected trunk too. As long as you have a carrier code, you can add as many carriers as you like.
  • A summary will show what trunk has been selected and the carriers mapped to the trunk.


Illustration of the SIP-Route testing process
SIP Route Testing – Overview
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