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How does Spearline measure latency?

The Spearline latency test replicates your customers’ call flow allowing you to quantify the amount of latency your customers’ experience. The test allows you to proactively measure and benchmark any delay, and with repeated testing, you can spot where there are variations over time.

How does it work?

  • We dial the customer’s number, and once connected, we enable echo back mode (this is a function available on many phone handsets that, when enabled, takes all audio received and immediately echoes it back down the line).
  • Spearline then sends ten pulses of audio from our server, all of which are of a slightly different frequency. Spearline will use the different frequencies to pair the tones we send with those that are echoed back to us. We then measure the time it takes for each tone to be echoed back to the origination point, thus providing the round-trip latency.


Find out more about how the Spearline latency test works here 

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