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How do I set up a SIP Trunk?

We’ve compiled the following steps to guide you through how to set up SIP trunks on the Spearline platform.

  1. Contact your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager to enable SIP trunks on your platform.
  2. Ensure to whitelist our server IPs in countries where your SIP trunks are located. This allows Spearline to access your trunk(s) to generate outgoing calls.

Please note:

The complete IP list can be found in the ‘Origination Country’ dropdown menu. When adding a SIP Trunk, this selection is a required field!

Visit https://platform.spearline.com/

  1. Click on the ‘Numbers‘ tab.
  2. Select ‘SIP Trunk‘.

1-2 Numbers Tab-SIP Trunk Tab

Add a SIP Trunk:

  1. Click the Green + Add Sip Trunk button.
  2. In the new window, enter the required fields and then click the Blue Add button when done.

Add SIP Trunk Steps

Required fields:

  • Enter the trunk Name – mandatory
  • Enter the termination IP Address – mandatory
  • Enter the port – mandatory
  • If ‘Authorization’ is selected rather than ‘IP Trunk’ then both Username and Secret are mandatory fields. All other fields in ‘Add SIP Trunk’ can be selected from a drop-down menu.


Add Carrier Detail:

  1. Click the Green + Add Carrier Detail button.
  2. In the new window, enter the required fields and then click the Blue ‘Add’ button when done.

Add Carrier Detail Steps

Required fields:

  • Enter carrier name – Mandatory
  • Carrier Prefix – Not Mandatory, can be left blank
  • Carrier CLI – Mandatory
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